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Welcome to Simplex Energy Solutions

Our mark of distinction is simplifying divestitures by providing complete service, from data gathering and package preparation, to marketing and closing.

Our many satisfied clients will tell you that a Simplex package "answers all the questions" and is unmatched in today's industry. We don't just prepare the information, we tell the story of your property clearly, completely, and effectively.

We believe information accuracy and completeness increases buyer confidence and yields better offers. After 193 successful closings since 2001 totaling just over $750 million, our clients and buyers think we have the right idea.Try us on your next divestiture, you'll think so too.

Real numbers, real solutions. Simplex Energy Solutions, LLC.

Simplex at a Glance

What do we mean by "simplifying the sales process"? Simply speaking, Simplex handles all the facets of the divestiture process so that you don't have to, saving you time, money and headaches.

We believe your oil or gas property is more than a production rate and surface equipment. We dig into the property history, and oftentimes are able to reveal forgotten or overlooked potential to the benefit of both the buyer and seller.